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VivienB's, of Thame, design and produce bespoke wedding invitations and corresponding wedding stationery in Oxfordshire for the UK and Worldwide, and have successfully been creating stationery perfection for over 4 years.

Our vision is to create wedding invitations and stationery that encompass's everything about you as a couple and the special occasion that your wedding day should be. We pride ourselves on producing high end quality save the date cards, wedding invitations, table plans, table cards, menus, place Cards, and Thank You Cards. 

We strive to be different from standard wedding stationery offered for weddings, and believe your guests should be as excited as you are, from the moment they receive their own guest wedding invitation, to the day they receive their Thank You card.



The Benefits Of Bespoke Wedding Stationery

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The Benefits Of Bespoke Wedding Stationery

Debbie Warren

When you’re deciding on what to do about your wedding invitations you essentially have three routes to go down: you can buy them ready-made; you can design and make them yourself or you can opt for bespoke wedding stationery produced by a professional. If your invitations are very important to you, you want them to be extra special and you don’t mind paying a little more then the last option could be the best one. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring in an expert to create your invitations for you:

  • Unique to you: If you choose a bespoke stationer then you are getting something that nobody else has: plain and simple. This means it can reflect the personalities and tastes of you and your partner. It enables you to have exactly the stationery you had envisaged from the time you got engaged, with colours and themes to match your requirements. If you are buying your stationery mass-produced then you will have to accept the fact that many, many people will be using the same thing.
  • Personalised Images: With bespoke wedding stationery you can incorporate your own images, so you can include pictures of yourself and your partner, or indeed any other graphics that are significant to you. It’s your chance to go for something fun and quirky, if this is what you want. You also get more choice as both the images and the invitations themselves can be any size you need them to be. 
  • Professional Lay-Out: If you choose to have your stationery created by skilled designers then they are sure to look professionally put together. Many people try to make their invitations themselves to try to save money, but unless you have design skills this can often result in poor quality text, graphics and lay-out. If you use a proper bespoke stationer then you will be offered a consultation so you can talk over exactly what your requirements are.
  • Saves Time and Stress: Another benefit to using bespoke stationery is that it is just one more job out of your hands. Rather than having to spend time and effort producing your invitations yourself, you can simply tell the professionals what you want and leave it to them to realise your vision.
  • Cost: Many people are put off by what they assume will be the high cost of using bespoke stationery. In fact, this doesn’t have to be the case. Whilst you can of course go for the luxury option, most stationers will offer options to suit almost any budget. For example, the grade of paper you choose will have a major impact on the cost so you can always go for a cheaper grade, secure in the knowledge that the lay-out and design are still going to look professional.

VivienB's First Class Boarding bespoke wedding invitation. Custom created for a couple in the airline industry.

VivienB's First Class Boarding bespoke wedding invitation. Custom created for a couple in the airline industry.