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VivienB's, of Thame, design and produce bespoke wedding invitations and corresponding wedding stationery in Oxfordshire for the UK and Worldwide, and have successfully been creating stationery perfection for over 4 years.

Our vision is to create wedding invitations and stationery that encompass's everything about you as a couple and the special occasion that your wedding day should be. We pride ourselves on producing high end quality save the date cards, wedding invitations, table plans, table cards, menus, place Cards, and Thank You Cards. 

We strive to be different from standard wedding stationery offered for weddings, and believe your guests should be as excited as you are, from the moment they receive their own guest wedding invitation, to the day they receive their Thank You card.



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How To Get Your Wedding Invites Right

Debbie Warren

There are plenty of things to think about when planning your wedding day. One of the first to sort out will be the guest list, and following this you will have to get your invitations sent out in plenty of time to ensure people save the date. But how do you want your invitations to look? Everyone wants every aspect of the wedding day to be perfect, and the invites are a big part of this. After all, many of your guests may want to keep them as mementoes of the day so it may be worth getting some bespoke wedding stationery designed. Here are some areas to think about in order to make your invitations special:

  • Theme: Once     you’re chosen the perfect theme for your wedding you can tie it in to all     aspects of the planning, and the invitations will be a key part of this.     If you have a strong theme that reflects your personality then your     invitations will be an early indicator of what guests can expect from your     wedding. In a way, they are helping to set the mood early on. What you     don’t want is just another batch of generic wedding invitations that say     nothing about who you are.
  • Design: Even     if you have an idea about what you want your invitations to look like, you     should try to keep an open mind about their design until you have been to     speak to some producers of bespoke wedding stationery. You may     find, after looking at some examples of their work, that you change your     mind completely about what you want or find a colour scheme or lay-out     that works much better. Think about how you can make it stand out: for     example, do you want to add a photo, go for a bold colour scheme or use     other embellishments such as ribbons?
  • Cost: Wedding     invitations can get expensive, so you need to balance getting a good     quality result without breaking the bank. Compare the prices of several     stationery designers until you find the one that can offer you the best     deal. Also, remember that the grade of paper you choose will have a big     impact on the final price so you don’t necessarily need to go for the     thickest and most expensive. As long as your design is right, the     invitations should still look good.
  • Samples: Finally,     remember that before ordering an entire batch of invitations you should     always ask to purchase a sample so you can be sure you are happy with the     way the final design looks before it’s too late to go back. This can save     you a lot of stress and disappointment further down the line.

Summary: There are many aspects of planning your wedding day, one of which is choosing and sending your invitations. This article looks at what you need to think about to get them just the way you want them.