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VivienB's, of Thame, design and produce bespoke wedding invitations and corresponding wedding stationery in Oxfordshire for the UK and Worldwide, and have successfully been creating stationery perfection for over 4 years.

Our vision is to create wedding invitations and stationery that encompass's everything about you as a couple and the special occasion that your wedding day should be. We pride ourselves on producing high end quality save the date cards, wedding invitations, table plans, table cards, menus, place Cards, and Thank You Cards. 

We strive to be different from standard wedding stationery offered for weddings, and believe your guests should be as excited as you are, from the moment they receive their own guest wedding invitation, to the day they receive their Thank You card.




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The latest news and offers from VivienB's. Find interesting facts and ideas for your wedding and wedding stationery.

Wedded Bliss With Wedding Invitations To Match!

Debbie Warren

In January 2014 we received an email from Claire and Richard looking for wedding invitations, and they were in a hurry. They were getting married on 4th April 2014 at The Crazy Bear, in Oxfordshire, and still hadn't sent out any invitations for their guests!! We knew the challenge was on!!...

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An Essential Checklist For A Stress-Free Wedding

Debbie Warren

There are so many things to think about when you’re planning your wedding that it can quickly become overwhelming. Many of us have probably witnessed brides and grooms having pre-wedding meltdowns over the many details that make up the day. If you want to avoid this, make yourself a checklist and tick each task off when it has been completed. Ensure you know your exact budget beforehand so you can work out how much money to allocate to each area. Here are some of the essential things this list should include:

• Venue:

The good wedding venues get booked up very quickly so make sure you decide on yours well in advance. Even as much as a year if this is possible. If you’re having a church wedding then you will need to organise a reception venue that is close enough for your guests to get there easily. If you’ve having it at a registry office, you will need to arrange a licence with the registrar. Will there be enough accommodation near the reception venue if people need to stay over? At VivienB's we have a great selection of local Venues for you to choose from including Monkey Island, The Oxford Belfry, Ardington House, and The Kings Hotel.


This is not something you can leave late, for obvious reasons. Not only do you need to compile a guest list, you also need to find a stationer and get your invitations designed; wait for them to be printed; send them out and then wait for people to RSVP. If you want good quality invitations that people can keep, look for a bespoke wedding stationer, like VivienB's. Getting really well-designed invitations on high quality card will cost you a little more but it’s worth it if you want to mark the day and make it really special. 

Remember high quality invitations can take up to 8 weeks to create, so it may be worth thinking about when you want to send them out, and booking the production of these early to avoid delays.

• Clothes, Hair and Make-Up: From the bride’s perspective, choosing your dress is probably the most important decision. So take your time and look around plenty of bridal shops well in advance of the wedding. Decide whether you are going to buy ‘off the rack’ or have your dress custom-made. If the latter, you will need to make room for several fittings in case your weight fluctuates between the ordering of the dress and the big day. In addition to this, you will also need to choose clothes for the rest of the bridal party and arrange fittings for those too. As for hair and make-up, if you’ve got your heart set on certain stylists, make sure you book them early enough so you can secure them.

• Food:

When in comes to your wedding reception, one thing you will need to decide upon is whether to have a buffet or a sit-down dinner. The former will normally work out cheaper so it’s better if you have a large number of guests. Talk to caterers to find out what they charge per head and ask to try some taster menus. Aside from this, you’ll also want to choose a wedding cake designer – whether you want an elaborate three-tiered affair or something more modest.

• Photographer:

You will want to have some visual mementoes of your day so you can look back on them over the years. For this reason, it’s very important to hire an experienced and professional photographer. It’s best to ask for personal recommendations from friends or acquaintances. Contact us at VivienB's for our recommended photographers who we have worked with. 

 Also, when you speak to someone you’re considering, make sure you ask to see examples of previous weddings they have worked on to see if you like their style.

• Music:

If you want your reception to have a lively atmosphere then you will need some kind of music to create a buzz. Weigh up the pros and cons of having a live band or a DJ. The kind of music you go for will depend partly upon your tastes and partly those of your guests. Ideally, the people you book should be able to cater for many tastes as you normally get a pretty broad mix of ages at a wedding. Also, don't forget to make a playlist to suite the mood for interim parts of the day, such as whilst you and your partner are off having your personal photos taken.

• Decorations:

Lastly, you will want to decorate your reception venue to give it a bit of personality. Possibly the church as well if this is permitted. Go to a wedding florist and see what they have to offer and start thinking about bouquet designs both for you and for the tables at your reception. Aside from flowers, there are other kinds of decorations you can use to dress a room up so go to a wedding shop to get some ideas.

Summary: If you have a wedding to plan, have you thought about all the important decisions and bookings you need to make? The following is a checklist of essential tasks to complete so you can avoid any stressful last-minute panics!

How To Make Your Wedding Day Special

Debbie Warren


Everybody wants their wedding day to be one that they will remember for the rest of their lives, for the right reasons. But unless you are somebody who is used to organising and planning big events, trying to get everything just the way you want it can become overwhelming. What you need to do is focus on a few key areas, looking at how you can project your own personality into them to make this day really feel like you, rather than all the other generic wedding days you have been to. Here are just some of those key areas to think about:

• Theme: If you choose a distinctive theme for your wedding then it will help to shape all your other decisions. Do you go for romantic? Gothic? Or maybe opt for a retro feel? The more original your theme, and the more it reflects your own personality and taste, the more special your wedding day will be. 

• Venue: The place you choose to hold your wedding and reception is very important indeed. It should be able to reflect your theme, so if you have gone for a Gothic feel and you have the funds for it then you may want to consider hiring out a castle. Of if you’re having a summer wedding then why not consider a laid-back beach barbecue?

Luxury designer wedding stationery from VivienB's, in Oxfordshire.

Luxury designer wedding stationery from VivienB's, in Oxfordshire.

• Invitations: A wedding invitation has more than just a practical function: it is something your guests can keep as a memento of the day. To make yours unique, splash out on some designer wedding stationery created by a professional. They will work together with you to come up with something totally suited to you, your tastes and the theme of your wedding. 

By sending out bespoke designer wedding stationery you can set the tone of your big day well in advance.

• Flowers: If there are some flowers that have particular sentimental value for you and your partner then these are the ones to choose for your wedding day. You should bear in mind that flowers are seasonal so you will want to anticipate what is going to be available in the month of your wedding and plan accordingly. Beautifully arranged flowers can transform even the most drab of venues so it’s worth taking extra care over these.

• Souvenirs: If your guests have something quirky to take away with them it will be sure to make the day stand out in their minds. This can be photos, cards or anything you think will remind them of the day and what made it special. At one recent wedding I attended each guest was presented with wild flower seeds to scatter in their gardens.

Feature Wedding Of The Month

Debbie Warren

VivienB's wedding stationery Clients Holly and Tim. 

VivienB's wedding stationery Clients Holly and Tim. 

When we were first contacted by Holly and Tim back in July 2012, we just knew this wedding was going to be pretty special from the Start! Holly was looking for her own design to be made for her wedding stationery and, using the VivienB's Bespoke Service, that is exactly what she got. A beautiful and very unique design, which we LOVED so much, it became one of the VivienB's collections: All You Need Is Love 

We caught up recently with Holly to ask her a few questions about her big day whilst reviewing some of her fabulous photos. Photos Copyright to Rebecca Judge Photography.

Here's what she had to say...

Hi Holly,

How would you describe your wedding in three words? 
"Fun, Romantic, Rustic"


What were your themes/Colours for the day?  

"Neutral shades & sage green"

Rustic, sage and neautral themes for this delightful wedding in Buckinghamshire

What is your "Top Tip" to any bride in planning their wedding? 
"The planning is the most important part; get a spreadsheet drawn up early, know what your budget is and negotiate with suppliers. Book the key items early and ensure you  have booked your date with enough time to save for your perfect day."

What is the no.1 "must have" on your wedding day? 
"A right hand man/woman to handle any last minute requests from suppliers so you can enjoy your day. Also ensure you take a step back to appreciate all your hard work and to take in the moment; this is likely the only time that all the people you and your husband love the most in the world will be in the same room, at the same time all for you. It goes so quickly... treasure every second!"

Cherishing wedding memories in buckinghamshire

If you could have changed one thing about your special day, what would it be? 
"The only thing I would have changed would be using lavender for confetti... it really hurt!! :) We wanted something different but we should have gone for rose petals; dried lavender hurts when thrown at you from all angles and you don't get the same effect on the photographs!"

Why did you choose VivienB's to create your wedding stationery for you? 

"Debbie worked really closely with me to design the Wedding Invitation in keeping with our theme; I had a very precise vision for the day and wanted the invitations to tie in. We had a couple of proofs and Debbie was so helpful and fabulous to work with. "

All you need is love wedding invitation created in Oxfordshire for Holly and Tim

All you need is love wedding invitation created in Oxfordshire for Holly and Tim



Thank you, Holly, for taking the time to share your wedding journey and experience with VivienB's future Brides-to-be! I think the Lavender tip is certainly something to be considered by everyone! But lovely idea!


First Class Boarding Popularity at Monkey Island Wedding Fayre

Debbie Warren

Whilst attending the Monkey Island wedding fayre on Sunday 27th October, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the wonderful couples attending were drawn to the originality and quirkiness of the First Class Boarding wedding invitation collection, available from VivienB's. 

The Venue itself boasts spectacular grounds that are encircled by the River Thames, creating an island of opulence for weddings. Only accessible by footbridge or boat, the First Class Boarding Invitation, originally created for a couple in the airline industry, became an instant favourite. Not only could the lavish invitation duo as an airline ticket, but it could also reflect the luxury of a cruising passenger ticket. A Perfect choice for guests to bring along to the wedding, as admittance to board a short boat trip across to the venue or footbridge access.

Boat Jouney across to Monkey Island Hotel

Boat Jouney across to Monkey Island Hotel

Why not take a look at the First Class Boarding invitation collection from VivienB's and see how adaptable this invitation could be for your wedding venue choice. 


VivienB's have now been chosen to be preferred Wedding Stationery supplier of the Pinewood Hotel, Buckinghamshire:

Debbie Warren

VivienB's have now been chosen to be preferred Wedding Stationery supplier of the Pinewood Hotel, Buckinghamshire:

(see link)

Jennie Hopcroft, who recently was crowned best wedding co-ordinator of the year by The Wedding Industry Awards,commented that she was very impressed by the quality and design of VivienB's Wedding Stationery, and would be more than happy to recommend our services to engaged couples getting married at the hotel. 

We look forward to working with The Pinewood Hotel, Jennie Hopcroft and their engaged couples in the near future.

Make your wedding a "LOVE to attend" wedding of the year!

Debbie Warren

A key element of your invitation is setting the scene of what they can expect from your wedding day. Is it going to be a dull, lack lustre day? Not likely! Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life, so tell them that. Is there a theme? Is it a glitzy, razzle-dazzle affair? Is there something that reflects your relationship to your guests? VivienB’s strive to create just that: Something to look forward to. Something so beautiful and unique, that your guests keep your invitation on display, rather than in a drawer.

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The wedding stationery numbers are in...

Debbie Warren

The numbers are in from Hitched W.I.F.E The UK average spend on wedding invitations and stationery is £885! Can VivienBs's of oxfordshire, stunning collections help soften that blow? Just request a quotation via

Guest name place settings

With an average of 96 guests being invited, thats £9.21 per guest. 

Have you considered your wedding stationery in your wedding budget?

Debbie Warren

The average overall cost of a weddings in the UK is now unning at £22,858!!

With figures appearing to rise each year, it has never been more important to make sure you have included all aspects, even down to nail polish you will wear and the aftershave the groom will adorn. Many brides and grooms have also been known to underestimate the cost of wedding stationery, with a average spend on invitations nearly running into the thousands themselves. That's why, here at VivienB's, we always encourage brides and grooms to start their wedding invitation and stationery search to start as soon as possible. At VivienB's this allows us to get to know you as a couple and create a custom design that fits you and your budget. We work with all budgets; small to very large, but the constant that remains, no matter your budget, is beautiful, superior quality wedding invitations and stationery. This includes, table plans, menus, table names and numbers, guest place settings and wedding favours. Why not take a look around our website ( or facebook site, to see if we already offer a stationery collection that is right for you and your budget, or contact us at and find out how we can work with your budget with many options to suit. 

Blood Sweat and Tears! The VivienB's Website Has Landed

Debbie Warren

Well just in time for the Kings Hotel wedding fayre, the VivienB's website has finally been established.

We are still working on some elements, but we would just love to hear what you think of it so far. We are very excited that next week we will be having our first professional photography session to reflect the high standard of beautiful wedding stationery VivienB's produces. So watch this space........

Also, it's a great opportunity for us to Thank all of our wonderful clients, friends and family who have supported us on this journey. Your feedback and testimonials are greatly appreciated.

Hope to see some of you at the Kings Hotel where you can get a hands on feel of all our stationery collections.

Kind regards

The VivienB's Stationery Team